Fostering the Right Culture in Your Business

Fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition will not only create an engaged workforce, but also a team of enthusiasts that are dedicated to making a difference within your company. Individuals gain satisfaction through recognition and appreciation, because it encourages them to reach higher levels of performance and excellence. Discover more about group travel incentives with an On The Vine planner.

An incentive program provides the opportunity for companies to show their employees that they value their efforts. A great incentive program will not only celebrate team successes, but it will also cultivate meaningful partnerships between senior management and employees. It creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement. The ripple effect of positive attitude and emotion permeates and benefits the culture in such a positive way, that it extends out to your customers.

Make a commitment to express your appreciation today, with the help of On the Vine Meeting, Incentives and Events.

North America, the Caribbean and Europe are still among the top destinations for group travel – while destinations such as, Iceland, Belize, India and Costa Rica are popular for incentive travel.

These destinations offer authentic experiences rich in cultural traditions. Offering boundless hospitality and recent improvements in hotel expansions and renovations to meet guests’ needs. These countries will delight and surprise.


Games have the capability to not only enhance your event, but also increase engagement. Incorporating virtual elements will inspire active participation and allow individuals to be a part of the presentation versus being an observer.

Gaming facilitates memory retention, creates increased interaction amongst the attendees, boosts excitement around the event itself, and generates an energetic atmosphere. Utilizing data to motivate performance that is geared to specific business goals will help lead your company to success.

OTV Mobile Application

Mobile devices are everywhere! Capitalize on this technology by utilizing our customized application (app). Our app strengthens the impact of the presenters message by allowing attendees to access needed information from anywhere at any time.

Participants can populate their own schedules, conduct live polling sessions for immediate feedback, have customized gaming elements, and provide you with the ability to display targeted messages at specific times during your conference or event.

Our app turns your mobile device into an immersive engagement tool. It will help you to bring everything together into one platform.